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Headquartered in Texas, Keneric Healthcare is a global medical device manufacturer that is recognized for the development and commercialization of innovative products that improve patient care, increase clinician efficiency and streamline facility expenditures.

Our portfolio includes RTD™ Wound Dressing, which is an FDA cleared and CE Marked, silver polyurethane foam dressing that consistently demonstrates positive clinical outcomes for a variety of wound types.

PurePurge™ Bed Bath is our easy to use rinse-free patient bathing system that provides for a safer and more cost-effective solution when bathing patients who are unable to take a traditional bath or shower.



March 2018
“A few months ago I had a bad knee abrasion from a biking accident. Even after a run of antibiotics it still would not heal after 8 weeks. Used your RTD product and after the 2nd application (6 days) it had improved dramatically. Wound is completely healed. Amazing product.“

S. Scibilia, Houston.

November 2017
“I have been using RTD™ Wound Dressings now for a few months, and the increase in wound healing, the decrease in time it takes for these chronic wounds to heal is AMAZING.”

Jim DVM California.

August 2017
‘We have used RTD™ Wound Dressing under total contact casts and it provides very nice healing as a part of a comprehensive diabetic neuropathic ulcer treatment program.’

M. Miller CEO and Medical Director – The Miller Care Group, Indianapolis

May 2017
Your excellent information, response time and gracious help with RTD samples is deeply appreciated. The gentleman I am working with has a deep ulcerated area on the side of his neck due to radiation and lancing of a squamous cell carcinoma. He was tending his own wound with only 1/4″ packing tape, sterile saline and some large Band-Aids impregnated with Neosporin. When he asked me if I could help him clean out and re-pack his wound. I could not believe what we had to work with. I started researching options for the best way to help heal his skin and the wound. From my previous experience working in a dermatology practice years ago, I knew his fragile, radiated skin needed to be kept moist, yet free of serum and exudate. There is still so much fibrous slough to clean out, but in one day using a cut piece of the 1/4′ RDT placed to fit just on top of the packed tape, like a lid (the raw edge of the wound opening and the surrounding neck skin are just too delicate right now to be touched or taped). The next day, I found the sponge soaked up all the fluids, kept the wound moist, but did adhere to one very tiny edge of the wound. Today, I cut an even smaller piece to place just inside the wound like a cork. I am amazed that no infection spread, no slough reproduced, no serum leaked outside the sponge, and the wound edge was viable and pink and moist. Without this excellently engineered sponge, I have no doubt it would have only taken 24 hours for the bacteria in the wound to spiral out of control, and would most likely have ended up requiring a visit to the ER, and an escalated wound situation that could jeopardize his opportunity for surgery and skin graft in the near future. You have brought new hope to this situation.I will share your awesome product and information with the physicians and veterinarians I know.

-M. Deluca, Texas.

March 2017
“I want to say how amazing RTD Wound Dressing is. We have used the samples you sent on different wounds. Recently we used it on a venous ulcer for a client, and now the wound is healed.
I am working with our office manager to order more RTD dressings.”

Angie Mendoza RN

July 2016
Keneric Healthcare’s RTD™ sponges are amazing and my doctor was pleased with the healing progress. I can’t thank you enough for helping my little arm heal. Hugs to you both!!

Joe Collins (patient)

June 2016
“I LOVE this product! I don’t care what anyone says, there is nothing like it!”

-Donna W. — Austin, TX.

May 2016
“70 y/o patient with a 6 months old Venous Leg Ulcer, we have been treating for last 4 1/2 weeks . 1st week with Manuka honey. Last 3 1/2 weeks with standard of care plus RTD™ Wound Dressing changed 2 x per week. Awesome results. DNA sequencing results showed high levels of polymicrobial infection at start of therapy. Will swab next week for new results. Love the RTD™ !!!”

-Cesar Lozano Sued, Managing Partner Wound Consultants Of South Texas LLC

July 2015
As one of the busiest home care agencies in The Villages, FL, RTD™ is our go-to dressing. It is cost-effective, easy to use, highly absorptive, and incorporates the 3 ingredients we all have used for healing wounds: methylene blue, gentian violet, and silver. Our patients love that it not only promotes quick healing, but also decreases their pain.

-Cathy Martin, RN, Oasis Coding Specialist/Nurse Educator, Greystone Home Healthcare

June 2015
I have utilized RTD™ foam wound dressing for homebound patients and found it very effective in treating diabetic foot ulcers and other wounds with bacterial colonization. The combined action of silver, gentian violet, and methylene blue seems ideal in managing all types of wounds in different care environment. RTD™ foam is easy to use, clinically effective, and offers much more than using silicone based foam dressings.

James McLean, BSN, RN, CWOCN, Klarus Homecare, Fort Worth, TX;