Q: Do I have to moisten the RTDWound Dressing before treatment?

No, RTDWound Dressing is ready for use and does not require any hydration prior to treatment. Please review the Instructions For Use prior to use.

Q: How often should I change the RTDWound Dressing?

Under the supervision of a wound care professional, the wear time of any wound care dressing should always be based on the clinical presentation of the wound, level of exudate, and presence of infection.

Please refer to the Instructions For Use where it is suggested that RTDWound Dressing may be left in place for up to 3 days or changed earlier if the dressing is saturated.

Q: Can the silver in RTDWound Dressing cause cytotoxicity?

RTD Wound Dressing has been tested by independent labs and is shown to be non-cytotoxic. The silver complex in RTDWound Dressing is tightly bound in the foam and the volume of silver ions produced is limited and in proportion to the amount of exudate absorbed.

Q: Does RTDWound Dressing change colour?

The design of the dressing does not support a colour change as part of its intended use. Please consult with your wound care specialist if this is encountered.

Q: Does the RTDWound Dressing help reduce odour?

Yes. Patient’s being treated with RTDWound Dressing routinely state that there is a notable reduction in odour from their wound. Clinical case studies that are available to download from our website demonstrate the clinical efficacy of RTD™ Wound Dressing against commonly encountered bacteria that may be found in wounds.